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Our Aims & Values

Caring UK strive to provide all the attention, support, and personal care our residents need in a skilled, sensitive and sympathetic manner, to achieve the highest possible quality of life whilst maintaining as much independence as possible.

Staff are always available to listen to our residents, their families or visitors, and through the provision of personalised care we try to ensure that each resident’s needs are met in the most appropriate way.


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Our homes’ aim is to provide all the attention, support, and personal care our residents need in a skilled, sensitive and sympathetic manner to achieve the highest possible quality of life, within a homely atmosphere.

Our homes firmly believe that residents should not lose their rights on entering a care home and our philosophy of care is centred upon the rights of the residents as detailed in our charter.

The charter is based on the six principles of:
• Privacy
• Dignity
• Independence
• Choice
• Rights
• Fulfilment

During staff training, the charter, along with other important documents relating to residents’ rights and resident protection are discussed. Staff are expected to observe the residents’ rights at all times.

Our homes believe that every resident is a unique individual, and aims to treat each one as such in every detail of their care and daily life.

Our aim is to provide all the attention, support and personal care each Resident needs in a skilled, sensitive and sympathetic manner to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

Each resident has their own CARE PLAN, drawn up in consultation with them. It will describe how the staff can best provide for the needs of each resident and what level or type of assistance is necessary (if any) in their daily lives. Our homes aim to encourage residents to be independent for as long as possible. There are many stages between total independence and total dependence, and the staff will provide whatever level of support or assistance is required in carrying out each of the tasks of daily living. The care plan will detail the precise level of care needed in every activity.

As part of the care plan, our homes will carry out RISK ASSESSMENTS with each resident, to try to minimise the risks the resident is likely to encounter. Risk-taking is a part of normal life and we believe that residents’ lives should be as normal as possible, and that they should not live in a sterile, risk-free environment, but in one which is as safe as can be reasonably achieved.

Care plans are reviewed on a regular basis and amendments made as appropriate.

Residents have a right to see their own records, and to deny others access to them.

We will always try to provide the highest quality of care that we can, but recognise that sometimes things, as so often happens in life, do not go as we would wish. For that reason we have a complaints policy which all new Residents will receive.

Staff are always available to listen to the residents themselves, their families or visitors, and we would like to think that we can deal with any comments before they become complaints!

We try to ensure quality of care in the following ways:


• By the careful recruitment of staff
• Through the training and development of staff
• By ensuring that our staff know what is expected of them.

By providing Personalised Care for each resident:

• considering each Resident to be a unique individual,
• listening to each Resident / their Relatives about their needs
• regular assessment of the needs of each Resident
• the use of regular staff meetings to discuss the needs of all residents
• we produce individual care plans to provide each Resident with the care they need, bringing in support from outside the home as and if needed.

Through the provision of personalised care we try to ensure that each resident’s needs are met in the most appropriate way

We also periodically carry out a formal “Quality Assurance” survey, and act upon the findings

Above all, by listening to the views of our residents, their families and friends and responding to their thoughts and requests, we hope to ensure quality of care.

Caring Services we Provide

Full Residential Care


Dementia Care


Respite Care



The Cedars care home is situated in the leafy suburban village of Bowdon in south Manchester. The home itself is a Victorian property built in the 1870′s and sympathetically converted by Caring UK throughout the 1980′s. The care home caters for 34 residents in mainly single room, en-suited accommodation and has a range of spacious communal facilities with large outdoor spaces and landscape designed gardens.


Pen-Y-Garth care home is situated in the rural village of Brymbo, just four miles from the North Wales town of Wrexham. A Georgian property set in 2 acres of landscaped grounds and with stunning panoramic views of the countryside, the home was originally converted to its role as a care home in 1985 and extended five years later with the addition of a purpose built EMI wing. Pen-Y-Garth now provides exceptional 24-hour residential and EMI residential care for up to 44 residents.



20 July 2020

Our care staff have continued in their roles, demonstrating
unwavering commitment and care to our residents, with both our
homes well maintained, clean and COVID-19 free.

While restrictions on visiting our care homes are still in place,
property viewings can be arranged in accordance with government
social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

Our care centres are accepting new admissions, but there is
increased screening to assess any risks.

If you require care for yourself or another person, please contact
our Care Home Managers:

Christina King 0161 928 4361

Michele Roberts 01978 753323

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Symms